Burglar alarms, CCTV systems and security lighting in Macclesfield, Manchester and the North West. Wm. Bradley & Co. Ltd. - Burglar Alarms in Macclesfield, Manchester and the North West.
Burglar alarm equipment installed by Wm. Bradley & Co. Ltd. At Wm. Bradley & Co. Ltd. we tailor the system around you; whether you want to secure your business or your  home, we will install the right burglar alarm for your individual needs. If you have a tight budget, we will talk  through your options. Often, something as simple as leaving a door open when setting your alarm will save the  cost of an extra sensor. If you want your burglar alarm to secure an entire factory, again we will talk you through  your options. We will quote for different burglar alarm systems depending on your requirements. Generally speaking however, if the property only requires fewer than 9 sensors, we are likely to choose a Gardtec system. If the system requires  the coverage of more than 10 areas, we will generally recommend a Castle Caretech system.  Guardtec 490x The Gardtec 400 series is the latest edition to the Gardtec range of wired control panels, consisting of Gardtec  480 and 490X. The 490X control panel has an onboard communicator providing a messaging service in the case  of alarm and is wireless compatible with the Gardtec 8 zone Wireless Receiver.  Castle Caretech Euro-76 With a number of accessories, the EURO-76 offers maximum flexibility and ensures that each EURO-76 system  can be individually customised to the required application. The new generation of Euro control panels are the  ideal solution for EN 50131-1 Grade 2 and Grade 3 installations. The latest addition to the range of peripherals is the wireless ZEM, which can greatly enhance the flexibility of the  control panel, with the capabilities of adding wireless bells, wireless detectors and wireless control keyfobs for  setting and unsetting, as well as other functionality.
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