Burglar alarms, CCTV systems and security lighting in Macclesfield, Manchester and the North West. Wm. Bradley & Co. Ltd. - Burglar Alarms in Macclesfield, Manchester and the North West.
Why choose Wm. Bradley & Co. Ltd. to install your burglar alarm system? Here at Wm Bradley & Co. we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and our ongoing  customer care. The following list details some of the reasons we feel we can provide the best service to  you and your home security: Our engineers are experts at concealing wires. They are friendly, courteous and tidy, always  ensuring your home remains as it was before we arrived. (Obviously with the addition of your new  burglar alarm system). We are a NACOSS Gold accredited burglar alarm company, meaning our quality is assured and  we are insurance approved to British and European standards. We were awarded the Vodafone Gold shield award for the lowest false alarm rates; we pride  ourselves in providing a burglar alarm which you will have faith in. Our systems will trigger when  they should. We take every care to ensure little to no false alarms will occur. We have over 45 years of experience of intruder alarm installations and servicing. We are police approved as well as insurance approved. The first year’s service is included in the initial installation cost and is payable in advance from the  following year onwards. If you chose to no longer have your burglar alarm serviced after the first  year, you keep all the alarm equipment. Some companies are only effectively renting out their  equipment to you and reserve the right to remove the components upon the cancellation of a  contract. All our systems come with a 10 year workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind.  Our engineers do not receive commission for completing a job quickly or for selling anything extra  to you. Therefore, the job gets done as it should be, not in such a way that we as a company make dishonest profit from the customer. We provide 24 hour emergency response for burglar alarms on our service agreement. Unlike  some other companies this means we will be with you within 4 hours. (Our average response time  is 30 minutes).
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